Vegan Baking Help Wanted

I am trying to develop a healthy vegan bread roll.  I’ve made a few attempts myself, but baking is definitely not my forte, as the results have shown

For this reason, I’m asking for help from a vegan who enjoys baking.  I want to experiment with a whole wheat bread roll that incorporates kale, nuts and other nutritious ingredients.  A roll that is soft, springy and tasty.  A compromise between a strictly health food and a comfort food.  Because this might be distributed to the homeless or others, I’m interested in a finger food, something that doesn’t crumble,  needing no utensils, and leaving little or no need for finger clean-up.  I envision a torpedo roll, but other shapes are okay too.  They’re might be any number of variations on these rolls.  Maybe some would have some sort of filling.

I’d be happy to provide all the ingredients, and whatever assistance anyone might want.

Thank you!

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