Vegans for Freedom

I joined the e-mail list of an organization called Vegans for Freedom and in response to one of their mass e-mails I replied to them.  This was about 2 weeks ago.  A few days later I wrote the same message in The Conscious Resistance Network’s “contact us” box, but I haven’t received a reply.


I found your group on your bitchute channel, The Consciousness Network.  I’m a vegan libertarian, so I’m interested in your project.

I hope we can still network, but I’m not adamantly against faux meats.  They may be ethically problematical, some much more than others, but I wouldn’t go so far as to say that including them in a vegan diet makes that diet faux (a.k.a. fake) veganism.  I don’t eat Impossible lab-grown meat, because they tested it on animals, and developed it through bovine fetal serum, both of which involved killing animals.   In the long run it may be good for animals, so pragmatically I can see its value, but it crosses an ethical line, which makes it not quite vegan, or even vegetarian.  Since I’m committed to the vegan ethic, it’s not an option for me.  I generally don’t eat Beyond Burgers, even though as far as I know, they’re not tainted by the practices Impossible Foods used.  They are bit too oily for me.  There are a number of similarly made faux meats that I do eat, mainly Sweet Earth and Gardein.  What is your opinion on the old Loma Linda faux meats, and the ancient Chinese and East Asian, developed over a thousand years ago?

I see you’re trying to develop a self-sufficient, off-grid, agrarian model for veganism.   I respect that and look forward to following your progress in it, but I don’t feel other models are wrong.  I see the value in trying to disengage from, and become as independent as possible from big Infrastructure, government, and crony capitalism, but there may be any number of models that could achieve this.  I’m interested in private, independent towns or cities myself.

I’m 63, so I’m only semi-literate in computers and the internet.  I try to meet technically-inclined people half-way, but I prefer postal communication.

I’m trying to develop a network I call The Vegan Libertarian Benevolent Society.  You can look it up if you’re interested.  So far, there’s been little interest.  Most vegans and libertarians seem to be content to live their lives in the long established, crony capitalist system, and don’t even want to take baby steps toward anything better.

Well, just thought I’d introduce myself.  I hope we can network a little.  I’ll keep following you on-line.

For peace and freedom,

James N. Dawson

Vegan Libertarian Benevolent Society    

Has anyone here been in communication with VFF?  I don’t really want to fully join them in their activism, but I would be interested in discussing their plans and observing them.  What do you think of their mission and how well does it mesh with Vegans for Liberty?

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